Instagram Stories: They’re equally important!

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Since users on instagram have increased over the past couple of years it doesn’t come as a surprise when we say more than 500 million people view Instagram stories on a daily basis. Being one of the most used social media platforms it gives plenty of opportunities for business to grow. A survey showed that almost 60% of people said that they were attracted to a new business because of watching stories. 

Stories can be used to enhance your business and this article will help you understand how.

3 Effective Ways To Use Instagram Stories For Marketing

  1. Increase engagement and build a relationship with your customers
  2. Use stories to increase sales 
  3. Run sponsored ads

-Increasing engagement and building a relationship with consumers

Instagram provides small businesses with multiple opportunities to increase their engagement and boost their audience. For example, using stickers while posting stories help you auto generate captions and links that help your business grow.

Using quiz questions and polls also help in keeping the audience engaged and make them feel like their opinion or answers matter. The countdown option also helps create anticipation. For instance if a new collection is launching, putting a countdown helps keep consumers interactive and keep them updated about the drop. 

-Increasing Sales

Since stories have the swipe up feature which redirects the user to a certain web page or catalogue it becomes easier for them to visit a link or website. Rather than going all the way to the page after viewing a story they are easily redirected to the product they see in the story which makes it easier for them. Where there is ease, that’s where people will go; meaning greater engagement. Products can also be tagged with the options of details, pricing as well as the see more option. 

Such social media marketing tactics are easy and effective. All instagram requires is for the business to have a supported market and an eligible product. 

-Run ads

Running ads overall help a business grow. In the case of Instagram stories the sponsored posts you see while going through your stories are what running ads on this particular platform means. 

Facebook business manager helps you run ads in your desired place where your target audience is in majority. Creating posts and promoting them is easier using the story option especially with the cameras most phones have. This makes the marketing process a whole lot easier and simpler for your business as well as the consumers following it. 

In conclusion to the 3 basic ways of maximising use of instagram stories it’s also important for people to understand that there are various other things that you can do with your instagram stories. The wide range of options from stickers to sponsorship to optimization Instagram offers, we do hope this article helps you understand the basics of it all.

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