Facebook Creator Studio: How does it help?

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Starting a business or even running one for that matter is difficult especially when you have a lot of things to do. Even though marketing is a very important aspect of running a business, other things also require attention.

Seeing big growing numbers in your insights section not only shows that your business is growing but also motivates you to do more and Facebook creators studio helps a lot in keeping your posts, business and numbers in check. Initially remembering passwords for instagram was a task for most business owners because with all the different things going on it becomes difficult to remember little details. Similarly making posts promptly on a specific day and time may seem easy but sometimes the load of other tasks can make even the best of us forget.

The creators studio, even though it is relatively new, has a feature where you can schedule your posts on Instagram as well as Facebook. All you need to do is go to the creators studio and schedule your post on whatever date and time you want. This means in the beginning of the month you can schedule all the posts that need to be posted and you’re good to go for the
month. Now isn’t that fantastic?

Another good thing about this is that it’s completely free and allows everyone to use all it’s features.
It also provides you with a content library. What is a content library? It’s a place where you keep all the content necessary for your business which you can pull out and use it later when needed.
Saves a lot of space and time you’d usually utilize to locate your content. Insights and engagements are also easily viewable through this feature, which helps you keep
track of how well your content and business is doing.

Along with all these benefits it also keeps your messages in one place since they have a feature of streamlining your messages. Their rights manager by far is the best feature since it saves you
a lot of trouble when it comes to copyright claims and basically puts running most of your business on your fingertips. Another fact, their sound collection is the perfect addition to your

This Facebook feature has made life and running a business easy for entrepreneurs all over the world. Marketing becomes fast and in the case of creators studio it’s all features in one place.

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