Influencer Marketing; What? Who? How? And why?

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Importance of Influencer Marketing: 

With growing competition between similar products it becomes difficult for consumers to distinguish between which product to choose. Be it clothes, edibles or even basic necessities the variety can be confusing for customers hence regular marketing tactics may not be as effective as they used to be. 

Innovation has led to new marketing strategies, one of them being influencer marketing which has turned out to be one of the most promising strategies available. Since customers are more likely to pay attention to people they know such as bloggers and influencers, this type of marketing has been gaining popularity lately. 

What and who is an influencer? 

An influencer is someone who is persuasive and has the ability to influence people in their lifestyles and choices they make regarding product purchasing. Usually the impact an influencer can make is measured by the number of followers they have on various social media platforms. 

For example, in marketing terms, an influencer who has less than 10,000 followers is considered perfect for small outreach. Mainly, because they’re following is organic and devoted to them. Similarly, someone who has a following of more than 10,000 people are considered reliable and are persuasive enough to promote your product/business. It all depends on the relevance of the influencer to your business. 

How does influencer marketing work and what is it?

Influencer marketing, per say, is not a new concept. For decades people have been practicing this marketing strategy. It began with celebrity endorsements but since awareness among people grew, they felt less inclined to a professional and more towards bloggers and people they know or have known. 

Influencer marketing begins with searching for someone with a good reach and someone who is relevant to your line of work. Depending on which social media platform is suitable for you, an influencer is picked for either reviews, sponsorship or posts about your brand or product. It is as basic as it seems. 

What makes influencer marketing effective?

Typically marketing strategies start with identifying and targeting the correct audience which often requires time and great research. Influencers however have already gone through this entire process so it’s easier to market using an influencer. 

Another good thing about influencer marketing is that they have the ability to enhance brand awareness and create a good brand image. When an influencer promotes a brand it is more likely for people to listen since their suggestions are often considered genuine. Working with an influencer also allows you to raise your brand’s visibility and make your brand/product stand out. 

Another benefit is interaction. One of the most difficult aspects of managing a brand on social media is receiving the attention and interaction from the correct audience. At times brands with a 1000 followers have better interaction in comparison to brands with 5000 followers. Influencers gain their following by posting interactive and interesting content hence letting them speak for your brand will not only increase awareness of your brand but also help you achieve interactive followers to accelerate the growth of your brand. 

Organic marketing like influencer marketing is a critical component of promoting a company’s brand. It helps create trust between the brand and the people through influencers. It’s important to interact and establish a relationship between a company and the audience and this type of marketing makes it simple and easy.

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