Dealing With Negative Reviews

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We all know how much getting slapped with a negative review stings. The question is whether you strike back or turn the other cheek. Putting your brand out in public is equivalent to leaving a box of mithai outside for the ants to raid. And trust me, they will eat you up.

Every business owner has received their fair share of bad reviews from time to time. It does not mean you failed at your job! Many reviews can be exceedingly unfair to your image and hard work, so you might even feel highly defensive but hold your horses. Do you know what to do in this situation? Do you hit back or do you let it go?

Here’s the game plan. The first step is not to panic, but rather embrace these reviews. You are the expert on your brand, and it is critical that you respond quickly yet calmly. A negative review will only remain negative if you allow it to rot for other potential customers to see. Acknowledging their distress and providing constructive feedback is an easy way to de-escalate the situation! It demonstrates that you care about your customers’ experiences as well as the image of your brand. A friendly approach always cancels out the other side’s hatred. This can be done by setting a polite and professional tone consistently while responding back to your reviews.

While all this positivity is great for all things rainbows and sunshine, sometimes a nasty comment can really tick you off and leave a lasting impact. So, how do you deal with it? It’s simple. Just don’t. Well, not publicly anyway. Take it to the DMS! Handling the situation offline is better than commenting back and forth publicly. Nothing is more irritating than a simple “I apologize for the inconvenience” text, so it’s better to get to the bottom of the issue. Don’t be afraid to defend something you spent time and money on if it’s being unfairly scrutinized.

A negative review is simply an opportunity to improve and showcase your customer service abilities. But don’t forget to reward your satisfied customers! Everyone craves love and attention, and it just so happens that their comments provide you with the best marketing.

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