Battle of the Balance. Return vs Investment

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Have you ever been told that in order to achieve the results you desire, you must spend a hefty amount of money on marketing your business? When you make any type of investment, you automatically expect a positive return. It is essential for small businesses and start-ups to understand how their media buying is carried out to maximize profit.

Why is it that marketing agencies fail to provide a step-by-step process of how their clients’ investment is being utilized? Money being spent on a campaign should be covering the entirety of it, from production to strategy to promotion. Oftentimes, all the budget is wasted organizing and shooting a high-level production, leaving nothing for the promotion of the finished product. Now both the agency and the client are left with crumbs of media buying and customer attention.

Small scale businesses suffer the most as a result of inefficient work from their respective marketers. One of the most common mistakes that start-ups make is failing to ask their agencies for the overall outcome. That’s your money! You have every right to question what it’s being spent on and if your business is even meeting its set objectives. Whether the end result turns out to be positive or negative, it is well within your place to communicate your disappointment and request a better strategic approach.

Focusing on the promotions of your campaigns is equally important as strategizing them. Working with what you have and dividing the client’s budget to maximize return is one way to accomplish this. While marketers will demonstrate how hard they are working on your brand, does it matter if you are not seeing any results?

If you believe it is about time for you to achieve better business results, ask us to assist you! Let us explain how we intend to elevate your brand.

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