Magnus Communications and 1Billion Stories Join Forces to Promote Diverse Business in the Region

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Magnus Communications is thrilled to announce a partnership with the globally recognized 1Billion Stories. Founded by Mr Anuvrat Kottamasu Rao, 1Billion Stories helps brands showcase their website content in a visually compelling way by transforming it into engaging web stories, increasing outreach and engagement while ultimately boosting sales.

The CEO & Co-Founder of 1Billion Stories, Mr Anuvrat Rao, has extensive experience in launching new products and building ecosystems from scratch. He has successfully led the launch of Google Assistant, Progressive Web Apps, Accelerated Mobile Pages, and Firebase in APAC, growing them from zero to 100s of partners and millions of users. As a pioneer member of the content licensing team for Google in APAC, Anu initially started as a strategist in the Online Video space, leading large strategic projects for YouTube in APAC, including launching YouTube Music, Google Preferred advertising, and country launches of YouTube in Pakistan, Vietnam, and Thailand.

With clients like Google, Jaguar, and Vogue, 1Billion Stories’ mission is to build technology that enables creators, brands, and publishers to own, monetize, and distribute their content directly to their audience across social media, web, and chat. Perfect for businesses that rely on visually appealing websites or digital platforms to retain their audience’s interest and drive sales. 1Billion Stories amplifies storytelling for global industries by repurposing their existing assets across various social media platforms and turning them into engaging web stories!

The best part? There’s no need for new content. To get started, businesses simply enter the links of their social media platforms on a form, 1Billion Stories then converts the content into web stories. By sharing these stories, businesses can gain valuable insights into how their sales can be boosted over time and their engagement on the stories. The results are clear, with businesses seeing a significant impact on their visibility and success. As an Outreach Partner of 1Billion Stories, Magnus Communications is excited to expand the initiative into the region and help local businesses gain recognition. With this partnership, businesses can tap into the global expertise of 1Billion Stories, and Magnus Communications can continue to expand its capabilities as a leading marketing agency.

If you’re interested to showcase your brand’s content in a visually compelling way and boost engagement and sales, drop us an email at [email protected], and we’ll help you get started. It’s that simple!

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