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Tangential Marketing may seem like a new concept but when you really think about it, we’re all guilty of using this strategy and the odds are we didn’t even know about it.

To begin with, Tangential Marketing also known as organic marketing, is when content is not directly related to the brand itself. It could be defined as a generic conversation regarding the brand. For example, if someone owns a travel app the tangential approach for that would be talking about not traveling itself but the need to travel or the various attractions in different places across the world. Be it in a blog, website or social media. This technique calls out to people and makes them indulge more. What will that do? Fulfil every SEO person’s dream; link building.

Link Building has only one goal, to improve search engine visibility which is the increase in website traffic caused due to its rankings in the organic search results.

Another upside to using tangential marketing is the brand awareness it causes. So one way of going about this is using surveys or collecting data and being highlighted in any sort of blog in a way where your brand’s name is being used, for example “so-and-so study shows”. This way your brand gets good coverage and more people will visit your websites and social media accounts.

The third and probably one of the most important thing is social shares. Since Tangential Marketing opens a window for you to be as creative as you want, the flow of new ideas is unstoppable. New ideas mean innovation and that might cause content to be so engaging that there will be a need for it to be shared.

Tropical Marketing, opposite of tangential, is in simple terms directly projecting the brand. As easy and efficient as that sounds, it’s also important to note that this might not ignite the need to do further research within users. Does that mean comparatively lesser website traffic? Could be but that is a debate on its own.

The question that arises is which way is better?

Putting it in simple words, tangential marketing is unavoidable and tropical is mandatory to build any brand. The aim of every marketing individual is to increase brand awareness, website traffic, and social shares. Approaching something organically is usually more appealing to the general audience since it causes the need to be talked about. The core aim is to get more and more people to see your brand but do you want your brand to be just seen or do you want it to be known? That is where Tropical Marketing steps in!

In most cases, Tangential Marketing is also referred to as empty marketing. You know how they say any marketing is good marketing? Well, that’s Tangential Marketing in a nutshell for you. If you only want people to know your brand exists this might be the greatest approach however if you want people to know the “what, why, and when” of your brand then Tropical Marketing is a smart decision.

Since the aim is to increase brand awareness and social shares as well as link building, the best route is where there is a perfect balance between tropical and tangential. Marketing in itself is a very vast field to cover so anything creative and innovative works here. As long as it puts you or your brand on the map be it be tangential or tropical it doesn’t really matter!

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