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Chances are good that the best and brightest workers at your company are also the most creative ones. Contrary to popular belief, though, most creative people aren’t born that way. Creativity is a skill just like any other, which means even the least creative person, can learn to see the world in a new light. Creative writers and designers among their many traits display skill for linguistic invention and innovative imagery. For this reason, more and more businesses hire individuals with creative writing and designing backgrounds. 

The digital marketing field is growing fast, and what it means to be a digital marketer is changing at an alarming rate. The first “merging” began when digital marketing and graphic design merged into one. These two industries have become inseparable; a digital marketer can’t do their job well without using some sort of image, infographic, or video and a graphic designer can’t make a good image, infographic, or video, without understanding how it will be marketed.

Here a few tips and habits that are meant to help those creative content writers and developers to achieve their innovate goals. 

  1. A common mistake that writers and designers (from my personal experience) make is while they’re balancing the double life. Trying to separate your creative side is never a good idea that’s mostly because as writers/ designers/ developers, we only have so much control over the creative process. Ideas come to us with absolutely no regard to your convenience, which is why it is crucial to use your spare time at the office in an effective matter to generate good ideas.  

Always keep a journal handy during your working hours to jot down ideas quickly. You might even enjoy your work hours a bit more when you allow your creative brain to churn out creative thoughts throughout the day.

  1. The longer you’ve been in this business; the more likely it is that you take inspiration from unlikely sources. A critical skill that you must possess as a writer or designer is to take inspiration from somewhere and craft that into something meaningful. In order to generate a steady stream of high-level marketing content for the web, one must become a very effective researcher. If you find yourself short on ideas when you sit down to work, try expanding your research process at the office. As you scan the web for data and sources, make sure to scan your results for interesting stuff. Bookmark these links, then browse them in greater detail after your work day has ended. Fitting in a bit of creative research into your daily workflow will also take pressure off of yourself to put in that time when you get home.
  2. Staring at the same desk for five days a week doesn’t really help much when it comes to creative inspiration. You must break up the routine of work and always present yourself with something uplifting. That means detaching yourself from your phone, laptop, even if it’s for a weekend to give your creative health a chance to recharge.   
  3. Research sources state that an average person today spends more than give hours per day on a smartphone. Adding our laptop screen time at work just sends that number through the roof. All that digital time isn’t bad but we need to maintain a healthy balance. Be conscious about when and why you are using a digital device. Use your office lunch break to grab some water or chat with a work mate. The more diverse things you expose your brain the more creative energy it’ll produce. 
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